Why is P.E. important?

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  • Children learn to understand the importance of exercising for a lifetime.

  • Regular, physical activity is the best antidote to eliminate obesity and maintain an acceptable body weight.  It also provides a positive alternative to watching television or playing on tablets, computers or mobile phones.
  • Children learn the fundamental motor skills that enable them to develop the competence that creates confidence and leads to safe and successful participation in a wide range of sports.

  • Children are encouraged to improve their fitness levels during PE lessons, including muscular and cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility.
  • Youngsters can learn valuable lessons about accepting responsibility for their personal development leading to greater self-discipline.


  • PE promotes opportunities for children to be creative, cooperative and competitive and to face up to different challenges both as individuals and in groups.

  • A ‘good workout’ helps ease stress, tension and anxiety and will result in better attention in class.
  • Many activities taught in PE require children to work in groups to solve problems or as a team.  These opportunities are excellent for developing both leadership and cooperation skills.

  • Sports activities are an excellent way to meet and make new friends.  Confidence in one’s physical abilities encourages youngsters, and later adults, to socialise more easily and ‘fit into’ a variety of situations.

  • Children learn to develop the notion of fair play, honest competition, good sportsmanship and dealing with both success and defeat.
  • Movement can be used to reinforce the understanding of many subjects taught in the classroom e.g. mathematics.  Movement is also associated with enhanced brain functioning.

  • PE is especially important to children who have yet to develop their verbal communication skills.  Thus, their confidence in physical abilities can lead to positive feelings of self-esteem.

Orlando Magic’s Basketball Workshop!

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Register Your Child for the Orlando Magic-Sponsored Space Coast Stars Jr. Magic League!

Semi-pro basketball team, Space Coast Stars, are working with the Orlando Magic to present a fantastic opportunity for youth 5-13 to participate in the Magic-sponsored Space Coast Stars Jr. Magic League!

Students will be presented with opportunities to develop basketball skills and gross-motor skills by working directly with Space Coast Stars Corey Williams. Coach Williams has is very skilled in teaching youth the game of basketball as he has over 6 years of teaching these skill sets to kids from Florida to China. There will be 5 sessions held every Saturday starting October 27th until December 1st (except over Thanksgiving weekend). We will have a schedule with the times as times will be different due to the gym being used. Upon completion of our skills clinic each student will receive an award. Cost is $83.00 per child.  Practices and games will take in the Bethany Christian School Gym.

You may register your child(ren) at www.spacecoaststars.org and make your payment there.  Registration is underway!  Registration closes at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 22


If you have any questions, please email Coach Corey Williams at spacecoaststarsbasketball@gmail.com.

We Changed Our Logo

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In September, as Bethany Church made their branding switch from Bethany Ministries, we discussed a similar change to the Athletics program at Bethany Christian School. Our current logo has been around for years and really became a symbol of Bethany through out the community. However, there were many important factors that played a part in this change.

The first reason we are moving forward with a change in our logo has to do with our modernization of the program. Our focus is in being excellent in Christ and elevating His reputation through sports. Part of this includes insuring that our facilities are kept in better condition, our uniforms are well maintained and that our attitudes are reflective of Christ win or lose. Our new logo will progressively move us forward, while keeping the spirit of the BCS logo we have all come to love over the years.

The second reason is because we do not own the rights to our current logo. A previous school administration acquired the image from a college, with their permission, and made changes to reflect BCS. In fact, our current logo is a generic logo that many schools use. A simple google search for war eagles images will show at least a dozen other schools using it. We want to stand apart and ensure that we do the right thing by having an exclusive logo for our program.

Lastly, in order to successfully make more designs, variants and apparel with our athletics logo we need to have the proper files for it. Our current logo has very few and see we can make very little changes to it. With our new logo we can make spirit wear for specific sports, like an eagle holding the basketball or change the color to match the type of clothing being worn.

Ultimately, changing a logo is emotional, exciting and difficult but we are confident that this will improve our school and move us forward towards our goal of being excellent for Christ through sports.

– Cory Fuller

Baseball Teams Might Be Coming in 2019

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In the furthest corner of the BCS field lies and waits an old familiar friend. Once roaring with cheers and echoing the cracks of many wooden bats, now rests silently under an aged willow tree. Imagine my surprise when I realized the faded and overgrown concert structures where once baseball dugouts. The shock that the backstop, sitting behind a faded home base, was nearly torn down by the world evolving around it. It was then that I knew I had stumbled upon a great gem and an amazing opportunity. Bethany Christian School will have a baseball field again.

We are super excited to be planning the rebuild of our baseball (once a softball) field again. Currently we are waiting on a sports construction company to explain the process needed to restore this field. After that we will begin savings and fundraising for this awesome venture. Coach Jake will be our Baseball Coach and we already have teams ready to be scheduled from other schools. We hope to have this project completed and a team going for the 2019-2020 school year.

Go War Eagles,
Coach Cory

We need Coaches & Volunteers

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It’s going to be a great season this year. The AD has a lot of awesome plans to help improve school spirit, bring back high school sports and improve the facilities. However, all these great ideas can’t be accomplished with out the amazing help of volunteers. We need quality coaches who can commit to leading our sports teams and we need volunteers who are dedicated to taking on tasks like keeping score.
Coaches that we need immediately include:
  • Preschool – K6 Soccer
  • Middle School Basketball (Includes a stipend)
  • 4th-6-th Co-ed Flag Football
If you or anyone you know is interested, contact the athletics director as soon as you can. Scheduling rely’s on participation and it starts with knowing if the coaches and other volunteers are!

No Middle School Soccer This Year

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Sometimes it happens and unfortunately this is one of those years. We were unable to find a coach for Middle School Soccer prior to our conference meeting in July. Scheduling already took place so we won’t be able to get a team in there. Next year our athletics department will work harder on trying to get interest through-out the summer. This will allow us to schedule with the knowledge of those who want to play and coach.

If you are a parent who is still interested in coaching Middle School Soccer, please let the Athletics Director know asap. The Space Coast Athletics Association has already done their scheduling however, we can still find a few independent schools to play. It is the Athletics Director’s desire to grow Middle School sports over the next 3 years and getting tonight a team is a big stride towards accomplishing that.